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Sourav Mukherjee

Solution Architect

Finding solutions to any type of problem in any sector is my passion. Thats what made me today the solution architect here at shrisai. And I love to explore more in technology for better solutions.

Siddhartha Mukherjee

Senior UX/UI Developer

Design is more than just the visuals and art - It weaves into all aspects of a solution. It’s awesome to assist in creating world class user experiences. My team and I are dedicated to getting to the heart of our client’s users. We keep those users at the center of every solution, and take applications from functional to invaluable.

Amarnath Dutta Roy

Senior Mobile/IOT Developer

Shrisai gave me the opportunity to explore my interest in the field of Android/iOS Application Development. Along with this I have also worked in various other mobile and web technologies. I love it!

Debojyoti Basu

Senior System Developer

Samyamoy Patra

System Developer

Sayantan Mitra

Web Developer