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Sourav Mukherjee

Solution Architect

Finding solutions to any type of problem in any sector is my passion. Thats what made me today the solution architect here at shrisai. And I love to explore more in technology for better solutions.

Debojyoti Basu

Software Devoloper

Amarnath Dutta Roy

Mobile Developer

I came to Shrisai as a Java developer but fell in love with mobile and got to grow my knowledge and skills from basics to expertise in iOS and Android. I love it!

Sidharth Mukherjee

Senior UX/UI Developer

Design is more than just the visuals and art - It weaves into all aspects of a solution. It’s awesome to assist in creating world class user experiences. My team and I are dedicated to getting to the heart of our client’s users. We keep those users at the center of every solution, and take applications from functional to invaluable.